Festival Medical Support

Response Vehicles

  • Whether it’s remote access, off road or simple access; We have the right solution for you! 
    – Rapid Response
  • – 4×4 Capability 
  • – Stretcher Capability 

Crowd and Pit Crews

Specially trained teams for deployment into the heart of the crowd. 
– Rapid response  
– Rapid extrication 


“Field hospital” style treatment centres available. 
– Fully equipped resuscitation bays
– Reception and triage 
– Minor Treatment space

24/7 Camp Cover

Accommodating party goers? It’s essential to make sure that you have adequate services in place. 
– Response teams 
– 24/7 Medical centre 

Command and Control Support

Specially trained operatives for placement in event control rooms. 
– Radio control operatives 
– Information loggists
– Major Incident Control and Contingency